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Design facade cladding without compromise – simply an IDEAL facade

DEKCASSETTE IDEAL creates a ventilated façade on any type of building that satisfies all thermal and technical requirements. DEKCASSETTE IDEAL creates a smooth surface with square or rectangular rasters. It is a bent element with a system of interlocking locks, which is screwed to the substructure. The bottom edge of the cassette is inserted in the already attached cassette and the top edge is screwed to the substructure. As the screws are hidden in the cassette lock, the façade has a regular raster of elegant joints. The system of cassettes can be freely combined with other façade types such as plaster, ceramic tiles, wood, etc.

DEKMETAL delivers DEKCASSETTE IDEAL in a complete range, thus providing an easy and comprehensive concept. The system not only incorporates the substructure and bordering of details (around the windows, corners, attics, etc.), but also expert technical support.

DEKCASSETTE IDEAL - pravidelný rast DEKCASSETTE IDEAL Roh ze dvou kazet DEKCASSETTE IDEAL Nepravidelný rastr DEKCASSETTE IDEAL Rohová kazeta


DEKCASSETTE IDEAL is a custom-made element that enables architects and investors to make any façade exactly to their liking. The customer can adapt and freely combine the size of the IDEAL cassettes and width of the joints to his requirements. The selection of colours and materials is almost unlimited. It is possible to choose from the whole range of RAL or NCS samplers, but also special décors such as wood, stone, various textures or special colours. You will not be limited by the choice of materials either. You can choose from classic materials such as galvanised sheet metal, aluminium or titanium zinc, but also less common materials such as copper, COR-TEN or stainless steel.

DEKCASSETTE IDEAL is a novelty in the DEKMETAL product range.

This type of façade cassette and the shape of the lock in particular result from a multi-year development and testing of various prototypes as well as from experience acquired during actual implementations. The IDEAL cassette is exceptional because it can be produced in lengths of up to six meters, which until now has only been possible with the DEKLAMELLA products. In the future, the IDEAL cassette will replace the currently produced LE cassettes. The new type of cassette lock facilitates installation and improves the functional and aesthetic features of the cassette.

Total length 150 - 6000 (mm)   + Clean joints without screws
Structural height 100 - 800 (mm)   + Selectable cassette sizes
Depth 32 (mm)   + Rich choice of colours and materials
Horizontal joint 5 - 35 (mm)   + Simple and quick installation
Vertical joint 5 - 50 (mm)   + Complete range with technical support
Sheet thickness 0,75*; 1,0; 1,2* (mm)   + The width of joints is adaptable

* usage of 0.75 mm and 1.2 mm sheets after consultation with the manufacturer