Facade and roof systems made of metal



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The variant of the facade cladding system of DEKMETAL

This system allows an attractive and enduring erection of ventilated facades on industrial, commercial and residential buildings and is characterized by a low weight and high efficiency. The special design makes it possible to realize individually the thermal insulation of all facades according to the latest state of the art. Thanks to its flexible substructure it is applicable for future thermal insulation variants.

The shape and construction of the cassettes DEKCASSETTE SPECIAL makes it possible to form on smooth facades square and rectangular structures with visible fixing screws. The width of the intervals between the optically active cassette elements is variable to a certain extent, so that the facade will be awarded an exclusive appearance. Certain lines, divisions and structures of the facade can therefore be emphasized. The good accessibility of the screw allows easy removal or replacement of damaged elements. Therefore, the system is particularly suitable for areas where are expected damages by vehicles or manipulation devices, or if there is required an occasional maintenance of lying behind the façade installations.

The basic principle and the extensive choice of materials make both the facade system DEKCASSETTE SPECIAL in conjunction with the other elements of the facade system DEKMETAL a perfect design means to which can be adapted different requirements of investors and urban planners in the form, structure and colour with the architect.

Dekcassette Special  Dekcassette Special  Dekcassette Special

Description and Dimensions

The facade cassette system DEKCASSETTE SPECIAL is a rectangular or square element with integrated hanging device for the next element, whereby the mounting screws to the substructure are invisible. Herewith, towards the "hooks" bent sheet is suspended on the lower side of the element in the "hook" of the already assembled cassette element and then the cassette element bolted on top of the substructure. Via the special design of the lower "hook" the fastening screws are concealed and the system thereby achieving an elegant overall impression. The size of the gaps (joints) can be selected individually in the range of 5 to 50 mm. All elements are supplied with a protective film, which protects against damage during transport and must be removed before installation. The material thickness is standard 1.00mm, but depending on the elements length specification and site requirements, also individually adjustable.

Material and surface treatment

The cassette DEKCASSETTE SPECIAL is made of galvanized and painted sheet metal (S250-320 GD + Z275, polystyrene lacquer 25/35 microns, rear protective lacquer 12/7 microns). It can be from a wide range of colors selected with a matt or gloss finishing. On request, individual color special requirements are feasible. It is also possible to manufacture the cassette elements from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium zinc sheets. This allows an optimal adaptation of the view, for example, existing roof coverings or adjoining design elements.