Facade and roof systems made of metal

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DEKMETAL s.r.o. is a member of the DEK a.s. Group (DEK Stavebniny), the largest supplier of building materials in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. DEKMETAL is concerned with the manufacture and delivery of metal roofing and facade systems including custom manufacture from sheet metal. The company offers its partners professional designs of functional, technically sophisticated and aesthetic concepts corresponding to the individual needs, wishes and demands of investors, designers and architects. Our customers greatly benefit from comprehensive service with flexible delivery terms and, most importantly, technical support throughout the whole implementation period. Our dealers and technicians are located in Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Germany, so they can quickly respond to the needs of the implementing and design companies as well as the actual constructions.

The manufacturing plant in Dřísy near Brandýs nad Labem is equipped with the latest machinery. We hold all the necessary certificates including ISO 9001 and our raw material suppliers are selected manufacturers who satisfy above-standard quality requirements without compromise. Therefore, we are able to offer extended warranty conditions beyond the framework specified by legislation.


Dekmetal offers its partners ventilated sheet metal facades that meet the specifications of the investor, architect and designer. The whole range of DEKMETAL services not only contains the individual facade cladding elements (the visible cassettes, substructures, border elements, etc.), but also full technical support. It includes processing of comprehensive implementation documentation by an authorised person and solution of all details and relations connected with perfect long-lasting functional delivery of the cladding as well as processing of cassette laying plans and physical measurements of these elements for their manufacture directly on site by our specialised technician.

The roofing systems are produced from high quality materials without compromise. The range includes the exceptional and popular large-size MAXIDEK roofing, the small-size DEKTILE roofing, large-size profiled DEKPROFILE sheets and the specific LINEDEK for creation of the so-called folded roofing. We offer technical support to all our products and processing of laying plans for all types of coverings free of charge.

Our own extensive machinery allows us to offer a very wide range of custom-made products. To achieve the desired shapes, we provide cutting (longitudinal and transverse), straightening, bending and piercing (perforations). Our technical department offers assistance in development of your products. For more information see the Custom Manufacture section.


Our dealers and technicians are located in Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, Poland and Germany, so they can quickly respond to the requirements of the implementing companies or the actual construction. The manufacturing plant based in Dřísy near Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav is equipped with the latest machinery.

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