Colour options

The DEKMETAL façade system can be supplied in many material and colour options. The basic and most popular material is galvanised sheeting coated with polyester paint in various thicknesses.

For this option, we offer the 16+2 most popular colours of galvanised sheeting (Download basic colours pallete - PDF)

Why limit yourself? Your façade can be almost any colour and there is no material limitation. DEKMETAL offers freedom in a range that you cannot find elsewhere. Choose one of the options below or design your own concept. 


·         Painted galvanised sheets in selectable RAL or NCS colours

·         Painted aluminium sheets in selectable RAL or NCS colours

·         Titanium zinc sheets

·         Copper sheets

·         Cor-ten

·         Stainless steel


·         Imitation wood

·         Imitation metals

·         Imitation stone

·         Special high gloss décors

·         Graphic printing

Illustration of colour palettes from RAL and NCS samplers

Vzorník palety RAL Vzorník palety NCS

Given the wide variety of surface treatments and materials, we recommend contacting our sales department. We will gladly assist you and offer a colour shade or surface treatment physically on the concrete samples. 


Organic coated sheets
Galvanised sheets continuously treated by an organic layer.

Titanium zinc sheets
Zinc sheets with an admixture of copper and titanium.

Copper sheets
Sheets made of copper.

Aluminium sheets
Sheets made of aluminium.

Galvanised sheets
Layered sheets with a protective layer of zinc.

Tolerance of individual materials
Tolerance of materials according to ČSN 73 3610.

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