Titanium zinc sheets

Characteristics of the material

The titanium zinc sheets are rolled from an alloy that meets the requirements of the EN 988 standard.

Surface treatment

As standard, the titanium zinc sheets are supplied in several types of treatment. Either as pre-weathered natural zinc with a light grey layer or pre-weathered with a dark grey layer. Pre-weathered form The top surface of the sheet is disrupted during a chemical process, which produces a "weathered" effect. The material is not damaged, only the natural transition from the gloss finish to the matt finish is accelerated. If this process proceeded "naturally", it would last for several years. The result of pre-weathering is a light or dark grey layer.


The great plasticity of the TiZn sheet enables any processing with one exception – it must not be processed at a temperature lower than 10°C. If the temperature is lower, the processed edges need to be heated. It is also necessary to ensure that the TiZn elements do not touch the non-galvanised steel or copper. In such cases, galvanic corrosion occurs in the presence of water. TiZn sheets should not be laid on bituminous strips or insufficiently dried impregnated lathing.

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