New manufacturing line

Dekmetal has started production on a new manufacturing line. The first ceremonial project involved production of facade cassettes for the Emergency Department of Fakultní nemocnice in Brno. This manufacturing line will be used for the production of ending profiles for flat roofs, facade systems and other atypical products according to customer specifications up to the length of 6 metres. It is a unique line, which cannot be found anywhere else in Europe. It was delivered in cooperation with suppliers from four countries and work on this project lasted for three years.


New manufacturing line New manufacturing line New manufacturing line


The greatest benefit of the new line is production directly from sheet rolls. Thanks to interconnection of the reeling, piercing, straightening and bending machines, the manufacturing speed will increase several times.


The capacity of the facade system manufacture will increase five times, which will allow larger implementation of beautiful façades in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries of the EU and the world.

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