Dekrain is a complete painted gutter system for drainage of all types of sloping roofs. It is characterised by the high quality of the input materials and fully automated manufacture, which guarantees the high precision of the individual DEKRAIN gutter components. This allows simple and quick installation of the whole gutter system not only to an experienced metalwork company, but also to a skilled handyman.

DEKRAIN is produced in a wide range of colours that match the shades of the MAXIDEK tile roofing, which is custom-made in the DEKMETAL plant in Dřízy u Prahy. The DEKRAIN gutter system can be combined with all types of roofing offered on the Czech market.

The DEKRAIN gutter system is produced with a gutter bead in its internal section, which increases the strength of the gutter and eliminates the potential overflow of rainwater in the case of torrential rain.

This gutter system uses a 90 mm drainpipe, which is fully sufficient as regards the rainwater drainage capacity. At the same time, it is a more aesthetic option especially for smaller family houses compared to the 100 mm drainpipe.


The manufacturer provides an extended warranty of 15 years for the SP Super polyester 35 micron surface treatment used in the DEKRAIN gutter system according to the valid warranty terms. The life of this surface treatment is approximately 35 years.

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