DEKTILE 375 – Unique small-size roofing

DEKTILE 375 is small-size metal roofing (mostly produced with galvanised painted sheeting). DEKTILE 375 renders a representative and elegant look to residential, civic and industrial buildings not only as roofing, but also as a façade system. 

The material guarantees quality and predestines the roofing to broad application and long life. The roofing is frost-resistant, suitable for all snow regions. Thanks to its low weight, it can be used in reconstructions without the necessity to reinforce the roof frame.


The appearance of DEKTILE is unique. It offers a wide range of colour variations and material potentialities. The basic material is galvanised painted sheeting in many colour shades.
For a more luxurious appearance, you can use materials such as aluminium, copper or titanium zinc including the pre-weathering treatment. 
DEKTILE 375 roofing consists of individual square tiles, which are applied obliquely and mutually joined by a system of locks.
The roofing resembles historical fibrocement roof templates, which makes it suitable for reconstructions of these buildings while preserving the original architecture and high quality of the material.

Safe slope 30° or more
Sheet thickness
(according to the type of material)
0,5 – 0,7 (mm)
Dimension 375 x 375 mm
Consumption 8,16 ks/m2

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