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MAXIDEK is large-size metal roofing that perfectly imitates classic roof tiles. It can be used for roofing of residential and civic buildings as well as industrial or commercial buildings. Compared to classic roof tiles, it offers a wide range of almost limitless colour and material designs. It is only up to the investors and architects to choose the colour and material to create a non-standard attractive roof concept. MAXIDEK can be produced with great variability within the module as regards the length of the individual panels and height of the roofing module. 


Maxidek Maxidek vikýř Maxidek vikýř Maxidek



The low weight (only 5 kg/m2) is suitable for reconstructions or conversions where the roof frame would have to be reinforced in case of heavier roofing. MAXIDEK is normally used as roofing for the superstructures of apartment blocks and in all roof and attic reconstructions.


Thanks to the large-size concept, laying of the roofing is much faster and easier compared to the classic small-size roofing. However, the elegant appearance of the roof tiles remains thanks to the unique 3D-CUT, which perfectly copies the look of the roof tiles even in the eaves area. The material makes the roofing more resistant to the deposition of dirt, which minimises the potential growth of moss or lichen. The roofing can be used in all snow areas.



It is possible to order a wide range of original supplementary elements with the MAXIDEK system for the solution of details such as termination of the roof, ventilation, passages, etc. You can find the complete range here

Safe slope* 14° and more   + Variable module
Sheet thickness 0,5 mm   + Suitable for all altitudes
Total width of the panel 1178 mm   + Rich choice of colours and materials
Structural width of the panel 1100 mm   + Simple and quick installation
Length of the panel **  max. 7600 mm   + Complete range with technical support

* under specified conditions, MAXIDEK roofing can also be used for lower slopes. Consult these conditions with the technical department.
** it is possible to create an endless length of joined panels by overlapping the individual panels down the slope of the roof



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