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The DEKCASSETTE LE cassette is a variant of the DEKMETAL cladding elements. This system allows you to create attractive, economical, lightweight and resistant cladding of ventilated façades on industrial, administrative and civic objects. With the DEKMETAL façade system it is possible to thermally insulate the whole façade, following the latest knowledge in the field of thermal technology.

The shape and the structural design of the DEKCASSETTE LE cassettes allow the creation of smooth flat square or rectangular rasters on the façade without visible anchoring elements, which renders the façade an exclusive appearance. Selected lines of the object can be emphasised by controlled sizing of vertical and horizontal joints between the cassettes.

The structural and material concept of the DEKCASSETTE LE cassettes, in combination with other elements of the DEKMETAL façade system, provide rich variability of the façade colour and shape design with respect to the investor's and architect's ideas about the building's appearance without significant structural limitations.

Dekcassette LE  Dekcassette LE  Dekcassette LE

Description and Dimensions

The DEKCASSETTE LE façade cassette is a square or rectangular bent element with a system of interlocking locks, which is screwed to the substructure. The edge of the cassette is inserted in a lock of the already attached cassette. The other edge is screwed to the substructure. As the screws are hidden in the cassette lock, the façade has a regular raster of elegant joints. The width of the vertical joint can be 5 to 50 mm. The minimum horizontal joint between cassettes is 5 mm. The surface is protected by protective film during installation. The standard thickness of material for DEKCASSETTE LE to the structural height of 250 mm is 0.63 mm; higher cassettes to the nominal height of 450 mm are made of 1 mm sheeting.

Material and surface treatment

The basic material is painted galvanised steel (DX51 D sheet treated with polyester paint in the thickness of 25 µm and 35 µm) in gloss and matt colours or noble non-ferrous metal sheeting (copper, aluminium, titanium zinc), which is supplied in a normal, painted or pre-weathered finish. These treatments give the façade cassettes a very distinctive appearance.

DEKMETAL facade system

The DEKMETAL façade system includes supplementary elements without static functions, such as masking profiles of the corner sections, jambs, cladding of attics, drip-mouldings, venting grilles, etc. The shapes of the elements can vary according to customer requirements.