Container systems



Cladding design of container systems with the DEKMETAL facade cladding is a fast, highly aesthetic, modern and affordable solution. The main advantage of the DEKMETAL facade system consists in its absolute variability. 

All elements are tailor-made for a specific project and can be adapted to all container and modular systems.

The DEKMETAL cladding system is suitable both for newly produced containers and for additional reconstructions and revitalisations of used older systems of containers and dwelling units, which it provides with an elegant and modern appearance. 

The use of all system and aesthetically-technically suitable tinsmith / lining elements (flashing) is the final product of the cladding of the mobile home itself, or a composite container assembly indistinguishable from masonry or other 

types of real estate.



DEKMETAL visual elements in a wide array of materials and colours.

Complete system of substructure and all connecting material.

Tinsmith / lining elements (flashing), Window sill, jump, head.

Engineering design of cladding.

Complete installation documentation for cladding, including pattern layout drawings and all structural details.

Building alignment by own technician.

Installation guide and training of an assembly company.

Technical support during cladding installation.







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